Sunday, January 20, 2013

Battle On The Chess Board

Battle On The Chess Board

April 20, 2008

Someone said “Winning isn’t everything”
But losing cost so much
It depends what game we are playing.

 A battle on the chess board leaves
Casualties and captives,
Leaves victors and heroes

 Kings rise to lead to victory
Against another king
And victory for one is loss for another

 Decisions on the board
are like decisions in life
With consequences great and small

 Give in to evil passions
Or pursue what’s right
Face life or death

 Winning is everything
Because losing cost too much
Life is the game we’re playing.
I have loved playing chess for many years.  Come visit me on or  My username on both is "CurtimusMaximus".  Challenge me to a game!  Or, I suppose we could play in person too.  Let's do it.

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